Programme 2016 (EN)

Festival Queer Eye, the 14th of May

Place: Experimental space NoD, Dlouhá 33, Prague 1

Begins at: 2 PM, Entry: 150 CZK




Videogallery NoD


2:30  p.m. Julie & Teresa, Trans * Block

Julie and Teresa live together in a non-monogamous relationship. Recently, they have shared, quite intensely, the experience of sex change at a world-renowned specialist in Thailand. Why did they choose a paid operation on the other side of the world? What keeps them – in spite of the heterosexual preference of one of them – in the relationship? What does it mean to be a trans * parent? Come to listen and ask these interesting young ladies at our Queer Eye festival.

Their blogs are here:,

4:00 p.m. Find a woman in the public space

najdi„In 2008, men represented 49.1% of the total population of the Czech Republic.“ (CSO). Women are therefore around 50% – how did it happen that they are invisible? We invite you to the debate about equality with the founder of the Facebook community „Find a woman“ Sylva Fico and the administrator Hana Kuncová.

5:30 p.m. Film screening of the documentary „Strip“

A young student of documentary filmmaking at FAMU Kateřina Turečková explores – in a stylized documentary reconstruction – the disintegration of her love relationship. Her partner makes her living as a stripper, and this fact, which provokes both indignation and acceptance in Kateřina, creates a split between them even though they shared (in theory) a liberal approach to her work. In pictures shot on 16 mm black and white film material, this film miniature captures the negotiations about the borders of intimacy.

Projection of the film Strip (Czech Republic, 2015, 10 min.) and a very open discussion with the director Kateřina Turečková. The film is in Czech with English subtitles.


Music program in the Videogallery

10:30 – 11.30 p.m. Krista Papista

krista-mKrista Papista, a fascinating singer, filmmaker, and music producer with Cyprian roots  will arrive to Queer Eye festival from London. She describes her music and visuals, which reveal almost all aspects of her, as „sordid pop.“ Her stage shows, experiments with voice, as well as her courage and energy are breathtaking.

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12:00 P.m. to 3:00 a.m MGDLN, Sonja & Blanche Večtomov

MGDLN is an excellent musician and producer based in Prague. She likes mixing music from glitch-hop, electronica to house music. Her songs and mixtapes are original, refreshing, and – for our Queer Eye party – more than fitting!

Sonja Večtomov and Blanche have composed and recorded music in Prague-Dejvice. They have known each other since they were 16. Despite Sonja´s studies and residencies in Finland and England and Blanche´s internships in the US, they met again and created a „friendly“ set for Queer Eye. It will feature their original music and a selection of the best of electro music of 2010- 2016.


Noodle NoD space

2:00 p.m. From the preparation of the task, through a detailed study, to the implementation of the plan or how to plan without underestimating anything

lgbtThis panel discussion on LGBT parenting – with invited experts and professionals – will guide you through all stages of parenthood from the initial, planning one, to the final one – real parenting. You can ask questions and discuss them with a gynecologist, a social worker and a psychologist, as well as with the author of the research „Rainbow families in the shadow of the state“ and maybe even REAL parents will come! The debate will be hosted by Magdalena Skřivánková, the founder of parenting groups Prague Pride.

4:00 We’re not invisible! What is female homelessness?

Interactive chat with girls who have a home and those without one, coming from the organization  Homelike.

Women are more at risk of poverty as well as the potential loss of home than men. Yet women’s homelessness is still hidden from us. It is often associated with a violent partner, children, sexual violence and gender stereotypes. Invisible experts will talk about how they perceive themes such as society, home, needs, work, men or safety.

Home – Homelike, o.p.s. works with homeless women, invisible superheroes in today’s society. Together with them, they learn how to help them, what bothers them and how to change the image people have of homeless people. It focuses specifically on women’s homelessness, because there is a lack of information about it and because it becomes evident that it is different than a men’s homelessness.



2:00 p.m. „Getting to know each other“ workshop

Magda Nguyenová and Ridina Ahmed will lead/let happen a workshop where movement and speech activity will intertwine. Magda will bring new possibilities for  movement, joy, and elements acro-yoga, while Ridina will wake up her and our voice to tell stories based on symbolic cards, which will develop discussion. The aim of the workshop is to survive all the interactions and fulfill the ancient Greek wisdom: Getting to know yourself means to get to know your limits.

4:00  p.m. Find your strength

In this workshop we will discuss with Glynis Hull-Rochelle our strengths, weaknesses and the concept of safety. We will look at how these personal and cultural values, habits and reflections can be used in the real world – both in friendly and intimidating situations. In addition to this, we will discuss how we can re-train ourselves and practice  awareness and self-defense tactics.

MUSIC programme

7:00 p.m. to 7:40 p.m. Mullholand Blue

The concert part of the festival will be opened by the captivating voice of the singer and guitarist Bara Novotna who plays under the name of her band Mullholand Blue. The band won last year´s contest called Starter on Radio Wave. Their neo-folk, backed with rhythms played on cajon, will tune you into the most pleasant mood.

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8.00 to 8.40 p.m. Fakné

FAKNÉ are three „women“ („I’m not a woman, I am me“) forming a hip-hop theatrical cabaret with a radical, critical message. Their lyrics are engaged, direct and often (very) uncompromising.


9:00-10:00  p.m. Lenka Dusilová

dusilkaCzech singer-songwriter Lenka Dusilová needs no special introduction. The winner of several Czech Grammy Awards will play a special set at Queer Eye with lots of interesting sounds and rhythms. On stage, she will have a microphone, guitar, keyboards and an electric drum, various effects, and looper. We will get to hear her well-known songs in a new, experimental form, as well as her improvisations with multiple voices that she can layer beautifully –  with delicacy, ferocity and innovativeness of her own.

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The program is subject to change.